First Partnership Meeting & Symposium on the Future Imaginary

by IIF

First Partnership Meeting & Symposium on the Future ImaginaryBlog Title

by IIF
December 4, 2015

Time is flying by too fast to report all that is happening! It’s already been close to two months since the imagineNative Film and Media Festival, where we had our first Partnership meeting and, right afterwards, our first Symposium on the Future Imaginary.

On the morning of Friday October 16th, eighteen people attended the Partnership meeting, where we talked about the nuts and bolts of being partners: how we will make decisions, how we will spread resources, how milestones need to be reported. Partner representatives signed up for four sub-committees, one each for Workshops, Residencies, Symposium and the Indigenous New Media Archive.

We invited about 30 guests to the Symposium on the Future Imaginary, but actually a few extra attendees showed up and the room was full. Elisabeth LaPensée, Julie Nagam, Stephen Foster eloquently explained their research.  It ended with a riveting presentation by Jolene Rickard.  These presentations were video recorded and may be consulted by interested researchers.

Many thanks to Mikhel Proulx, Erica Perreault and Kaia’tanoron Bush for their support in making these events happen!