Future Imaginary Symposia

The Symposia on the Future Imaginary host a diverse group of participants from across Canada and internationally to exchange ideas on how Indigenous people imagine themselves in the future. The Symposia are intensely interdisciplinary, and include lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and land-based learning.

The question animating all the Symposia is this: How do Indigenous people imagine themselves in the future? Our goal is to create a space in which visions of tomorrow’s Indigenous communities and cultures, including the work produced by the IIF Partners, can be articulated, shared and discussed. We invite artists, scholars, community members, knowledge-keepers and technologists to join us in speculating about what life will be like for our descendants in seven, ten, even twenty generations–science fiction territory! We welcome the playful and the serious, the fantastical and the pragmatic, the traditional and the contemporary.

4th Annual Symposium
3rd Annual Symposium
2nd Annual Symposium
1st Annual Symposium