• Illustration from the Indigenous Protocol and Artificial Intelligence Workshops

Hello! Shé:kon! Aloha! Waciye! Tunnagasugitsi!

The Initiative for Indigenous Futures (IIF) is a partnership of universities and community organizations dedicated to developing multiple visions of Indigenous peoples tomorrow in order to better understand where we need to go today. Through its four main components –workshops, residencies, symposia, and archive– IIF encourages and enable artists, academics, youth and elders to imagine how our communities will look in the future. IIF is anchored by Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace (AbTeC), a research-creation network based at Concordia University, and includes Partners from across Canada.


Bringing Aboriginal Storytelling to Experimental Digital Media

The Skins Workshops teach Indigenous youth how to adapt stories from their community into experimental digital media, such as video games, machinima, 3d modeling and animation, virtual reality, and augmented reality.


Enabling the Future Imagaries of  Indigenous Makers and Thinkers

The IIF residency program invites an array of Indigenous artists, writers, activists, thinkers or other makers to envision Indigenous futures. They are asked to consider the question: where would you like to see our people in seven generations?


Exchanging Visions of Indigenous Futures

The Symposia on the Future Imaginary bring together artists, scholars, community members, knowledge-keepers and technologists from across Canada and internationally to exchange ideas on how Indigenous people imagine themselves in the future. The Symposia are intensely interdisciplinary, and include lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and land-based learning.


Archiving Indigenous Digital Media Art

The Indigenous Digital Art Archive (IDAA) is a project in its early formations and developed by the Initiative for Indigenous Futures (IIF) to organize, care for, and make accessible the records of Indigenous digital artists.


All the Other Stuff We Do

We conduct a number of other projects that don’t fall neatly into the four main categories above. This is where you will find information about our speaker series, interviews, work related to the Indigenous Protocol and AI research, a timeline of all of IIF’s activities since 2013, and various other probes from the future.

AbTeC: Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace

AbTeC: Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace


Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace: artists & academics researching & creating. We run Initiative for Indigenous Futures & Skins Workshops.

As we pack away the original AbTeC Gallery building in preparation for an upcoming remodel, we’re looking back on all the good times we had!1. Untitled by Cody Fennel, 2015. Originally a 2D static illustration, we had the pleasure of adding movement and glowing elements to the work and bringing it into a 3D, semi-immersive state for Indigenous Futures: Rooted and Ascending in 2021.2. By a Thread, Joi Arcand, 2004. In the “real” world, this work is made using quilting piecework methods. The transmediated version of this work was made much larger than life. It was exhibited in A Thread that Never Breaks, an exhibition co-created with Indigenous Fashion Week Toronto in 2021.3. Gallery exterior, with the sign for Skátne Tión:nis (Many Faces, One Mind), an exhibition we put on in 2020 of avatar portraits created during our Avatar Creation Skins Workshop.4. cloudscape by Hannah Claus, featured in Reformatted (2020), AbTeC Gallery’s inaugural exhibition which opened during the COVID-19 pandemic.5. Stuck in Behchoko, Riel Stevenson Burke, 2021 exhibited in ‘Indigenous Futures: Rooted and Ascending, 2021.6. From Left to Right: Phonology by Sonny Assu; Blood Memories No.2 and Mii Omaa Ayaad by Scott Benesiinaabandan; Ceremony Experiments by Peter Morin. These works were part of the 2020 Reformatted exhibition.7. Milky Way Starry Night by Margaret Nazon is originally a small beaded embroidery work on fabric. Our capabilities of transmediating artworks into Second Life enabled us to turn this into an immersive installation. We added a basement room to AbTeC Gallery to exhibit the installation, also part of the Indigenous Futures: Rooted and Ascending exhibition in 2021. 8. Abbi MacBeth and xox sit in the installation created for STARPATH, a sound art piece created by Siku Allooloo, which was exhibited in Indigenous Futures: Rooted and Ascending, 2021.9. From Left to Right: Woman Fishing in the Cosmos; Chill; and Fixing Moosehide by Robyn McLeod. Indigenous Futures: Rooted and Ascending, 2021.10. An avatar takes in the beauty of Robyn McLeod’s collages in a tunnel we built specifically for her work in the Indigenous Futures: Rooted and Ascending exhibition. ... See MoreSee Less
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