Skins Workshops

What are the Skins Workshops?

Bringing Aboriginal Storytelling to Experimental Digital Media

The Skins Workshops teach Indigenous youth how to adapt stories from their community into experimental digital media, such as video games.

One of our goals is to encourage our youth to envision themselves in the future while drawing from their heritage. We believe this helps to promote and preserve our stories, languages and cultures while also exposing our youth to the digital tools of today and tomorrow.

Covering video games, machinima and 3D printing, our workshops are designed by an Indigenous-led team to empower Indigenous youth by showing them that they can be producers, not just consumers, of these exciting media.

Since 2006, AbTeC has been sharing our unique curriculum, expertise and experience with Indigenous youth on reserves and in urban centres. Currently, we are working with our partners in the Initiative for Indigenous Futures (IIF) to make our workshops more accessible by training new trainers in order to develop a community of knowledgeable members and mentors. Our curricula are free to use. If you would like support in delivering them to your community, please read through these pages and then contact us.

Participants transform a story into a playable, 3D video game.
Participants transform a story into a short movie shot in a virtual world, with avatars for actors.
Participants are guided in imagining one of their descendants in seven generations.