IIF Website Launches!

by Skawennati

IIF Website Launches!

by Skawennati
September 8, 2015

She:kon tanon wa’tkwanohnwerá:ton! Greetings and welcome to the brand new website for the Initiative for Indigenous Futures, the latest effort by Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace. IIF, as we have nicknamed it, is just getting started on a seven-year trajectory that will include a variety of exciting projects –explore the website to get an idea of what they’ll be. This blog is where we’ll keep you up to date with some of the partnership and related activities.

For instance, this week, Jason Lewis, Co-director, Initiative for Indigenous Futures SSHRC Partnership, myself and a representative from Concordia’s Office of Research will be meeting with the funders of this partnership to learn about the bureaucratic side of things: how to properly report our projects and spending.

And next week, Jason and I will attend an amazing conference, entitled “Creating Futures Rooted In Wonder: Indigenous, Sci Fi and Fairy Tale Studies”.

Jason will be co-leading a workshop with Grace Dillon, a well respected Indigenous Science Fiction scholar, while I will be showing selections from TimeTraveller™. Did I mention that the conference is in Hawai’i? The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades!

Initiative for Indigenous Futures Partnership Coordinator