Spring Lab Update

by Darian

Spring Lab Update

by Darian
April 21, 2017

She:kon! The weather is starting to even out here in Montreal. With the start of a new season it feels like a good time to give a look into what’s been happening in the lab and a peek at what’s being planned.

The 2167 VR Projects that IIF produced were delivered on time to TIFF thanks to the hard work of the artists and our team. Look forward to seeing Scott Benesiinaabandan’s Blueberry Pie Under The Martian Sky and Postcommodity’s Each Branch Determined in the summer. Keep an eye on this space as well as our social media, where we will announce the details about the exhibition.

There are going to be some new faces around the lab. This spring, AbTeC will host Hannah Claus,artist and friend, for a short artist residency. Michelle Brown, PhD student at U Hawaii in Indigenous Politics and Future Studies, will have a residency for several weeks early this summer. Michelle will be in the studio to learn the ins and outs of what AbTeC does as she is covering our projects for her dissertation.

Jasmin Winter is an MA student from the University of Winnipeg who will be joining us from April into June. She won the best paper award from the International Conference on Sustainable Development 2016. In additions to coordinating IIF’s Symposium of the Future Imaginary, Jasmin will be taking over the social media coordinator responsibilities while we continue to look for someone to take the job on more permanently.

A warm welcome to all!

Skawennati has a team together and is beginning pre-production on a new machinima project exploring another significant Iroquois story. New tools and methods are being considered, so it’s an exciting time.

Some fun plans are in the works for a movie night. Research Assistant Roxanne Sirois suggested that we have an internal movie night to watch Indigenous films and other flicks that match up with AbTeC related themes like sci-fi. It will hopefully be a good opportunity to socialize and add to our knowledge base.

We’re saying goodbye to our social media coordinator Emilee Gilpin as she leaves for an internship in Vancouver. She did some great work taking care of our social media accounts and we wish her the best.

We’re gearing up for another productive summer and hope that you’ll keep an eye out for updates going forward!