KSS – 7th Gen Character Design

KSS – 7th Gen Character Design

  • Location: Montreal, QC, Kahnawake, QC
  • Date: October 5th and October 10th
  • Duration: 2 sessions of 2hrs each
  • Instructors: Skawennati Fragnito, Nancy Townsend, Vanessa Racine / Caeleigh Lightning (Training: Bronson Jacque & Taylor McArthur)


In October, we initiated what we hope to be a long-lasting workshop series with the Kahnawake Survival School. During their digital arts class, we’re teaching the basics of character design, from paper all the way to (eventually) a 3D-printed action figure! We were excited to work with KSS again, as this high school was the site of our very first Video Game Workshop back in 2008.

In this first round of sessions, we welcomed the students on field trips to Concordia and AbTeC, giving a tour of the facilities Milieux has to offer students. From audio-visual studios, to the looms and fibers labs, the possibility of creating is endless. In addition, students got a small peek at some of the cool projects happening on campus, like Scobi leather and mycelium bricks.  

After the tour, we began our 7th Gen Character Design workshop, where students were given workshops to start developing their descendants on pencil and paper. Having participants come up with new ideas on the spot can be challenging for them, but we were excited to see their ideas begin to flourish!  

In our second session, it was our turn to venture to their turf! We journeyed to KSS to continue working on character design, and participants colored and inked their fun, original characters. Now, as they prepare to install new, game-ready computers, we’re preparing for the second workshop series: 3D Modeling in Blender! Check out some of the highlights in the slides below. 

  • In the first part of this workshop series, we worked with students to create their very own Indigenous character, starting on paper and will eventually be realized in 3D using Blender.

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