7th Gen Character Design + – John Abbott College

7th Gen Character Design +

  • Location: John Abbott College (Day 1 and 3), Concordia University (Day 2)
  • Date: March 16th 2023, March 26th 2023, April 13th 2023
  • Duration: 3 sessions of 2 hours each
  • Instructors: Nancy Townsend, Vanessa Racine, Caeleigh Lightning

Overview: In this three day workshop, Indigenous students from John Abbott learned the basics of character design, from initial iterations to eventual production in professional-grade, digital media. On Day 1, over dinner we gave a background to character design in general, a lesson on The Future Imaginary and how Indigenous Futurisms can fit into it and an overview of what the students will be up to in the coming days. A key consideration to their creative process was how action in present day can and will affect their ancestors 7 Generations in the future  Once dinner was finished, students went right to brainstorming and drawing the first iteration of their very own character! 

On Day 2, students came to Concordia University to continue their projects. After a quick snack, we gave the students a tour of our lab space and dove right into character creation. This time, we asked students to take their sketches to the next level by digitizing them! Students were taught how to upload their sketches onto an iPad, and into Procreate – a powerful tool for digital art. Laser focused, the students created the final iteration of their sketches on their iPads, which they got to keep!

On the final day, we returned to John Abbott with prints of their sketches, framed! Students were able to set up a pop-up exhibit to showcase their amazing characters and workshop instructors provided a brief introduction on how to set up their iPads and pencils so that they can continue to hone their skills in digital art on Procreate. Check the images below to see the process of sketching from paper to digital. . 

Many thanks to the generous sponsors – Le RÉCIT – Ministère de l’Éducation & EMSB (English Montreal School Board) – for supporting this workshop and allowing each participant to take home a brand new iPad, Apple pencil and Procreate license. These professional tools will assist these talented, Indigenous youth in leveling up their education and digital art skills for years to come. 

  • In this three day workshop, students learn the basics of character design and create their own character first on paper, and then using the professional tool, Procreate, on the iPad!

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