Y-STEAM x Makerspace – Interactive Storytelling with Twine and Photoshop

Y-STEAM x Makerspace – Interactive Storytelling with Twine and Photoshop

  • Location: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
  • Date: May 10th-14th 2023
  • Duration: 4 sessions of 5hrs each
  • Instructors: Caeleigh Lightning, Nancy Townsend and Vanessa Racine

Overview: The Skins Team took flight to Yellowknife, NWT in this four-day convention to teach the fundamentals of digital storytelling and HTML/CSS programming through the software, Twine! Twine is a great tool for interactive storytelling, by highlighting how decisions can lead to unexpected (or expected) outcomes within a narrative. Our lessons also included teaching the basics of Photoshop to add unique graphics to their digital stories and take part in a mural-design competition! Using the combined knowledge of storytelling and photo collaging, participants were able to create murals that could tell a story that is unique to them. 

Throughout the week, we taught youth and joined them in different workshops hosted by Makerspace, learning about water treatment in the north, the local herbs and medicines found in and around town, and learned about healthcare in the Northwest Territories. We also took a field trip to the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce Spring Trade Show that hosted many of the local businesses and artists, and students got to take a break from the screens to explore.

On the last day we had some down time to explore the town ourselves, so we did! Joining up with a former skins participant, we were introduced to superb spots to eat and stunning views of the land. We’d like to thank Makerspace and Y-Steam once again for making this convention happen. Onto the next adventure!

  • In this iteration, the Skins Team took off to Yellowknife to deliver a four-day workshop in collaboration with Y-Steam and Makerspace. The conference included additional workshops from Makerspace.

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