Imagining Indigenous Worlds with Unity – WAMP

Imagining Indigenous Worlds with Unity – WAMP

  • Location: Online
  • Date: June 8th – 12th, 2020
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Instructors: Maize Longboat, Waylon Wilson

Overview: An extended version of the Make a World with Unity workshop previously led by Dr. Rilla Khaled and Dr. Pippin Barr. This online workshop taught three Indigenous participants the game design technique of environmental storytelling to create their own virtual worlds using the Unity game engine. Convening in the AbTeC Discord server, participants received live virtual lessons from instructors, completed online Unity tutorials, and utilized the platform to engage each other in discussion or receive tech support. This workshop equipped participants with foundational skills for using Unity and offered specific strategies for creating a walking simulator-type game. Dr. Barr and AbTeC Producer Nancy Townsend contributed to the development of the curricula for this workshop.

Download the games on

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Email for access to the complete workshop files (3 GB). The files include:

– Free game assets
– A detailed lesson plan
– Slideshows
– Video tutorials
– Software installers
– Software shortcut cheat sheets
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