AbTeC & The Future Imaginary – Dawson College

2024-03 AbTeC & The Future Imaginary – Dawson College

  • Location: Dawson College, Montreal QC
  • Date: March 12 2024
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Instructors: Vanessa Racine, Caeleigh Lightning


We’re back for a short update! In March, we were invited to present about AbTeC and the Future Imaginary over at Dawson College. At Dawson, there is now a course on Indigenous Futurisms, so if you’re a student looking for new classes to take, we highly recommend it! 

In the presentation, we spoke about what AbTeC is, how it’s a research center situated in Concordia and what we’ve been up to recently at the lab. In addition, the two presenters, Vanessa Racine and Caeleigh Lightning, also spoke about their research and how it relates to Indigenous Futurisms and The Future Imaginary.  

To close off the presentation, we did a small screening of Past Future Forward: The Making of a Hawaiian Video Game. This documentary, produced by our lab, shows the process of a previous Skins Workshop where participants over the course of a few weeks built a video game from the ground up. We stayed around for some questions from students, who were keen on knowing more about how we approach our research and what is involved in video game development more generally.  

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