TimeTraveller™ 2009 – 2010



2009 – 2010

Thanks to a Canada Council New Media Residency grant, Skawennati was able to spend a year researching and developing TimeTraveller™, a multi-platform project that includes a website, nine machinima episodes, several sets of digital prints and a Hunter mega-figurine.
Highlighted Residency activities
  • Designed and launched website
  • Worked with professionals at Concordia to develop an optimal workflow, including figuring out the best settings (framerate, resolution, codecs, etc.),
  • Historical research on Dakota Sioux Uprising; Fort Calgary; Indians of All Tribes Occupation of Alcatraz; Tenochtitlan, Kateri Tekakwitha, Mohawk Crisis
  • Interviews with participants in the Mohawk Crisis
  • Built sets for Dakota Sioux Uprising, 1862; Behind the barricades in Kanesatake, 1990; St-Francis Xavier Church, Iroquois village, longhouse interior, “Indian Church” interior; pow wow stadium of the future; Karahkwenhawi’s home; Alcatraz island; Tenochtitlan (interior, exterior, sacrifice and boat scenes; and TimeTraveller™ boutique. Improved Hunter’s apartment.
  • Designed multiple HUD screens
  • Wrote and storyboarded each episode
  • Designed costumes for each episode
  • Identified, rehearsed with and directed voice talent for each episode.
  • Shot each episode.
  • Identified and worked with composers for the music for each episode.
  • Worked with a sound designer both to record voice talent and for the sound design of each episode.
  • Identified and learned how to use new hardware (the SpaceNavigator, a 3D mouse used to better manipulate the Second Life camera controls)
  • Edited, edited, edited
  • Presented my work to various audiences, including twice to Hexagram Concordia’s community.
  • Made a FaceBook artist page to let people in on my process:
  • Began a series of large digital prints called “TimeTraveller™ Production Stills.”