Remembering Tomorrow: Archiving Indigenous Digital Art

Remembering Tomorrow: Archiving Indigenous Digital Art featured a series of keynote presentations by prominent thinkers and makers from the areas of Indigenous art history + archives; digital arts practices + preservation; and library + archives services. The one-day conference focused on Indigenous determined archives, particularly how Indigenous digital art fits in and with them. The conference emerged out of discussions related to the Initiative for Indigenous Future’s development of its own Indigenous digital art archive.

Presented by

The Initiative for Indigenous Futures

Gail and Stephen A. Jarislowsky Institute for Studies in Canadian Art

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture

Keynotes by

Sherry Farrell Racette (Art Historian and Artist, University of Regina)

Dragan Espenschied (Director of Preservation, Rhizome)

Sherry Farrell Racette

Camille Callison (Librarian, Archivist and Anthropologist, University of Manitoba)

“Can You Have History Without an Archive? Can You Have Indigenous Scholarship Without the Capacity for Future Media Formats?” – Sherry Farrell Racette

“A Repertoire for the Born-Digital Institution” – Dragan Espenschied

“Honouring and Preserving Indigenous Knowledge Provides Wisdom for the Future” – Camille Callison