Erin Freeland Ballantyne


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Erin Freeland Ballantyne

Dean of Land Based Education, Research and Innovation, Dechinta Bush University Centre for Research and Learning
Executive Director

Dr. Freeland Ballantyne is a settler political ecologist born and raised on Yellowknives Dene Akaticho Treaty 8 Chief Drygeese Territory. A mother, hunter, harvester and film maker, they facilitate the disruptions of settler colonial capitalism and space through facilitating intergenerational land-based university programming at Dechinta Bush University. Their research interests include settler decolonization, deschooling, participatory video research, petro-capitalism and land generated theory, pedagogy and practice. With a background in community organizing and participatory film making, Dr. Freeland Ballantyne was the first Rhodes Scholar from the Canadian north and the first Rhodes scholar woman in history to have a baby while on scholarship. Recipient of the Public Policy Forum’s young leaders award, Action Canada fellow alumni and Arctic Inspiration Prize member, they are committed to the transformation of learning through collaborative resurgence.

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