Anastasia Erickson

Research Assistant

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Anastasia Erickson

Research Assistant,
Research Coordinator

Anastasia Erickson was born in Chicago and presently resides in Tiohtiá:ke/ Montréal, where she is pursuing her BFA in Art History. Though still an undergraduate at Concordia University, Anastasia is additionally a curatorial intern at the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, doing research with the museum’s collection of African art. Concurrently, she maintains her own research interests in Afrofuturism, decolonial art practices, and hauntology. No matter which hat she wears for the day, Anastasia is consistently excited and propelled by the prospect of improving the quality of other people’s lives through art and service. After her graduation, Anastasia intends to pursue postgraduate studies which will allow her to find new ways of positively impacting her local, national, and global communities through the research and the visual arts.

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