Welcome to AbTeC Island – PXR 2022

Welcome to AbTeC Island with PXR

  • Location: AbTeC Island (Second Life)
  • Date: November 15th 2022
  • Duration: 1 session of 1 hour
  • Instructors: Skawennati Fragnito, Nancy Townsend, Shirley Ceravolo

Overview: The SKINS Team was invited to participate in the third iteration of the PXR Conference! Participants joined us on AbTeC Island, our virtual headquarters in Second Life, for a technical demo on how to navigate online worlds. Participants were also given a tour of our existing sets, and a visit to AbTeC Gallery’s temporary exhibition of the artist’s, Swarm’s, pieces made in Second Life. After the scheduled speaker’s itinerary was complete, guests were further invited to explore customizing their avatar, intractable objects and dance animations. 

The PXR Conference, hosted by Single Thread and Electric Company Theatre, celebrates the evolution of live performance in virtual, augmented and mixed realities. The national event brings Canadian creators together using XR platforms to share best practices for working within these new media.

  • In this iteration, the SKINS Team was invited to participate in the PXR Conference! We gave a tour of AbTeC Island on Second Life, in addition to showcasing work made by artists Skawennati and Swarm.

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