PXR / DDP + IBPOC Fellowship – Welcome to AbTeC Island

Welcome to AbTeC IslandPXR / DDP + IBPOC Fellowship

  • Location: Online (Zoom & Second Life)
  • Date: March 14th 2023
  • Duration: 1 session of 2 hours
  • Instructors: Nancy Townsend, Shirley Ceravolo, Caeleigh Lightning, Camelia Layachi


AbTeC’s goal in this half-tour, half-workshop was to showcase the capabilities of Second Life as a tool for creating art within virtual worlds. We were joined by several Fellows of the PXR / DDP + IBPOC Fellowship, who were each in the midst of creating XR pieces. 

Two hours were filled with 4 x 20 min sessions with extra time for settling-in contingency and a question & answer period at the end. Nancy kicked things off with a short tutorial of how to navigate and interact with objects within Second Life as well as a brief history of the Island and Skawennati’s machinima artworks. 

Next, Shirley Ceravolo (a.k.a Swarm) brought everyone into AbTeC Gallery where a few of her artworks were on display, most made within Second Life, and she demonstrated how her pieces could be interacted with. The team also explained how virtual galleries are beloved by curators, as they can move walls, print gigantic images or change colors within seconds, with no mind budgets or building codes! 

Caeleigh then took over to bring the participants to the sandbox and begin the workshop portion. After giving everyone temporary building abilities, she showed the step-by-step process of creating a snowman out of the default Second Life prim shapes and textures. 

Finally, Camelia, our resident 3D expert, did a demonstration on how to bring models out of a 3D program like Blender and import them into Second Life. She also showed how rigged clothing and skeleton animations could also be brought in. 

The team ended the session with a question and answer period. We look forward to seeing whatever these talented Fellows end up creating!

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