Game Design with Bitsy – STEAMpunks Summer Camp

Game Design with Bitsy – STEAMpunks Summer Camp

  • Location: Concordia University
  • Date: August 11th 2022
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Instructors: Kahentawaks Tiewishaw, Anastasia Erickson, Caeleigh Lightning


In the final workshop of the series, STEAMpunks Summer Camp participants had a blast learning how to design pixel-art digital games using the open-source program Bitsy.  In just two hours, students were introduced to the online game designing tool and quickly on their way to making bite-sized games.  We were so impressed with how quickly they took to the tools, and how varied their game narratives were!  To sample the results, try downloading a game below.

Victoria’s Bitsy Game
Alheri’s Bitsy Game
Nelson’s Bitsy Game

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