24-hr Indigenous Game Devs Wiki Hackathon!

by Anastasia Erickson

24-hr Indigenous Game Devs Wiki Hackathon!

by Anastasia Erickson
April 20, 2020

Wiki-Editors Wanted! Join the 24-hour Indigenous Game Devs Wikihackathon – April 24-25, 2020

Indigenous Game Devs will be hosting a 24-hour Wikihackathon on Friday, April 24th!

Join AbTeC in supporting the Indigenous Game Devs community by lending a hand as they welcome anyone to add resources, update names, and correct misinformation on the “Indigneous people in video games” Wikipedia page.  This community-led event has inspired AbTeC to create our own Discord channel where we will be offering help on how to edit Wikipedia, discuss game development with AbTeC Research Assistants, and chat with one another! Join AbTeC on Discord here.

More details on the 24-hour Wikihackathon can be found on the Indigenous Game Devs Facebook page, and an easy sign-up form for the event is here.

As you may remember, this is not AbTeC’s first time participating in a Wiki edit event.  Just last spring, AbTeC hosted its first ever Wiki Edit-a-Thon, where the community was invited to contribute to Wikipedia’s limited knowledge base on Indigenous artists practicing in North America and the Pacific.  In just one day, our group of editors had accomplished edits across 17 different Wikipedia pages, and had added over 4,500 words of content.

Read about our past Wiki edit event here:

“Recording Indigenous New Media History on Wikipedia” by Sara England