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Make a World with Unity – WAMP

Make a World with Unity – WAMP

  • Location: Western Arctic Moving Pictures (WAMP), Yellowknife, NT
  • Date: May 14th – 16th, 2018
  • Duration: 3 sessions of 3 hours
  • Instructors: Pippin Barr, Rilla Khaled

Overview: Over three evening sessions, participants from Yellowknife, NT were introduced to the basics of Unity 3D, a video game creation engine, and encouraged to build an explorable world. Participants learned how to import game assets and place them in a virtual environment with terrain that they had sculpted themselves. IIF Co-investigators Dr. Pippin Barr and Dr. Rilla Khaled from the Department of Design and Computation Arts at Concordia University lead this edition of the workshop.

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