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Skins Video Game Workshop Hosting Information

Skins Video Game Workshop Hosting Information

Venue Specifications:

  • The Storytelling Event should take place somewhere with cultural significance the Sunday evening prior to workshop start.
  • 4 rooms close together, all including internet, power access and a large-screen teaching station.
    • Room 1 – Discussion Space: can accommodate all instructors, participants and guests in roundtable discussion.
    • Room 2: Primary Teaching Space, can host all participants and computer stations. Includes teaching computer and screen. Teaching screen is ideally a projection or large Smartscreen so that all can easily see and follow along.
    • Room 3: Breakout space, for smaller lessons, discussions and gaming breaks.
    • Room 4: Used as an office for small, private discussions and for teaching smaller groups.
  • Access to a sound recording room or booth is ideal

Tech Requirements: Please contact us for additional details.


  • Printer/Scanner
  • Laptop computer station per participant and per teaching room with high-quality game-ready specs (non-integrated graphics cards only).
  • Large Monitor or Projection option for each of the 4 rooms.
  • Peripheral monitor, mouse with scroll wheel, headphones and numpad keyboard for each station
  • Selection of recent game consoles and games
  • Extension cords
  • Power Bars
  • Network Attached Storage Device
  • Ethernet Hub


  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Audacity
  • Reaper
  • Steam
  • Unity
  • Google Chrome
  • Blender
  • Slack
  • Plastic Gluon


  • 4 x Whiteboards or Chalkboards (per room)
  • 4 x Wacom Drawing Tablets
  • 2 x Sound Recorder
  • Digital Camera
  • Craft Supplies (scissors, glue sticks, markers, pencils, sketch pads, lego, modelling clay)

Staff Specifications:

Staff Brought By AbTeC

  1. Co-Director
  2. Co-Director
  3. IIF Elder/Storyteller
  4. Assessor
  5. Coordinator / Project Manager
  6. Admin Assistant
  7. Tech Lead
  8. Game/Level Designer (Sound Assist)
  9. Unity Programmer
  10. 3D Modeler/Animator
  11. 3D Assist/2D Digital Graphics

Staff Required from Host

  1. Local Storyteller(s)
  2. Cultural Consultant
  3. Director/Admin
  4. Tech Lead
  5. Unity Programmer
  6. 3D Modeler/Animator
  7. 2D Digital Graphics
  8. Sound Designer/Musician

Budget: please contact to determine a viable budget