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Skins Machinima Workshop Hosting Information

Skins Machinima Workshop Hosting Information

Venue Specifications:

  • Large Conference Room/Computer Lab: for the bulk of the workshop, participants should have comfortable seating and desk space to engage in discuss, follow along technical tutorials and work. Staff require comfortable seating and desk space.
  • Cafeteria Space/Lounge: during breaks, an area must exist where participants and staff and consume coffee, tea, snacks and lunch. It is recommended that this space is separate from the computer stations.

Tech Requirements:


  • High-speed gaming computers with designated graphics cards, one per participant.
  • High-speed internet connections via ethernet.
  • Teaching machine with projector/screen or smartscreen within clear view of all participants.


  • Second Life
  • OBS Studio
  • Open Shot

Staff Specs:

Varies depending on workshop content and length. General recommendation is 1 staff/teacher per 5 participants.


Please contact to determine a viable budget.