Initiative for Indigenous Futures

Hosting Information

Host Staffing

Facilities, organizations or individuals who wish to host Skins workshops must meet a series of administrative and technical requirements. There must be an organizer available to correspond with AbTeC staff on a near daily basis in the 3 months leading up to the workshop. The organizer must be present, full-time throughout the event itself. At minimum, AbTeC requires:


  • Prior to workshop: corresponds with AbTeC staff to ensure needs are met. Promotes workshops locally, recruits and manages participants’ sign-up, arranges food service (if necessary).
  • During workshop: remains on site to assist with setup, take down, venue issues, (such as temperature, food, etc.), assist participants with any personal issues, etc.


  • Prior to workshop: ensures equipment is available and all required equipment and software is installed and ready to go, at minimum 1 hour prior to workshop start.
  • During workshop: remains on site to assist with issues such as computer crashes, plugs, power bars, unreliable internet, mics, projections, adapters, etc.


  • It is recommended that an individual is identified who will attend the workshop with the express purpose of learning to lead a future workshop.

Additional host staffing may be required depending on the workshop. See individual pages for details or contact AbTeC:

AbTeC Staffing

AbTeC Staff is based in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) and includes artists, gamers, youth workers and some of the best and brightest in emerging technology and creative troubleshooting. A team of AbTeC’s staff members will be carefully selected to match the host organization’s needs to ensure a successful workshop. Staff requirements depend on the length and complexity of the workshop as well as the number of participants. We reserve the right to bring two instructors-in-training, at our own expense. Please contact to discuss.

There is a fee per instructor. For workshops outside of Montreal, hosts must also cover all travel expenses, accommodations, meal per diems for the duration of the workshop (plus travel days) for each AbTeC staff member.

Please note our guidelines:


  • Economy class travel to and from host city.
  • Daily transportation between venue and accommodation must be provided if the distance is greater than 15 minutes walking. (This may include car rental, taxi service and/or parking.)


  • Safe
  • Clean
  • No billeting


  • We encourage our staff to eat healthy.
  • Especially for the workshops that are longer than one day, we ask there is a wide choice of restaurants as well as groceries available near the accommodation.
  • If meals are not provided, a per diem is required.

Workshop Venue

Please see individual workshop pages for additional detail on requirements. However, it must be generally ensured that:

COMFORT: Please ensure there is space for all staff and participants to sit comfortably for long periods. You must have one computer per participant. All wiring is either out of sight or taped down to avoid tripping. Room temperature should be a reasonable 22 degrees C.

FOOD: We encourage hosts to provide catered meals and snacks on site. It helps keep the schedule on track, and usually ensures the youth have eaten. It is the responsibility of the local admin to check allergies/preferences (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, peanut-free, etc.) of both staff and participants and communicate to the food provider. If there are very few or no meal options within a 10 min walk of workshop site, food and drink must be provided (vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options) for both instructors and participants.

VOCALS: If the workshop venue has low acoustic quality or is loud due to traffic/fans/equipment/other effects, a microphone and speakers must be provided.

TRANSIT & PARKING: There should be adequate parking for all instructors and students and/or venue should be easily accessible via public transit.

General Technical (for Machinima, 3D Modelling & Game Creation)

COMPUTER STATIONS (Each Participant & Teaching Projection)

  • We strongly recommend PC computers with dedicated graphics cards. Second life, capturing Second Life & 3D modeling is all very graphically intense! Most laptops with integrated cards will crash or stagger. Ideal configuration is:

OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: 2.6GHz intel Core i5
Memory: 8GBs RAM
Graphics Card: Nvidia GTX 580 (AMD HD 6990) or equivalent
Disk Space: 10 GB

  • Dedicated mouse with scrolling wheel (cannot work in 3D with trackpad pointer)
  • *for workshops using Blender* full keyboard with number pad


  • Fast! Large Bandwidth
  • Unblocked access
  • Ethernet and wifi access for guest-staff computers
  • If multiple computers are connected (multiple avatars in the same session) – each computer should have a consistent and reliable connection – if shared then should be shared via an ethernet switch.