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Game Design with Bitsy – imagineNATIVE

Game Design with Bitsy – imagineNATIVE

Location: Online
Date: September 24th, 2020
Duration: 3 hours
Instructors: Maize Longboat, Kahentawaks Tiewishaw

Overview: Our first ever Bitsy workshop! Bitsy is a browser-based tool for making little narrative games in a pixel art style. Members of the iNDigital Youth Collective gathered together in the AbTeC Discord server for our final workshop of the series and learned how to build 2D game worlds, design their own avatars and non-player characters and items, and write dialogues all within Bitsy. At the end of the workshop participants exported their games as HTML files and uploaded them to Discord so that others could download and play them on their browsers. Bitsy was quick to pick up for the participants and all of them gave the tool raving reviews, so expect more Bitsy video game workshops in the future.

Click the links below to download the participants’ fun little games!

“You enter McDonalds to get a burger and drink” by Hayden Sylvester
“stick to the edges to find the pieces” by Kaidin Davis
“The Wanderer” by Kaitlynn Tomaselli
“haunted house” by Martin Tang
“COFFEE” by Riley Assinewai
“eyiidawoonag” by Zephyr McKenna