Initiative for Indigenous Futures

Dayna Danger

Miigaazo, Mazhiwe, Wiijiiwe

Dayna Danger is completing an ongoing residency with the Initiative for Indigenous Futures from February 2019 to 2020.


Dayna Danger, Tio’tia:ke – Moonyang, 2Spirit, Metis – Anishinaabe/Saulteaux – Polish. BFA MFA

Through utilizing the processes of photography, sculpture, performance and video, Danger creates works and environments that question the line between empowerment and objectification by claiming the space with their larger than life works. Ongoing works around BDSM and beaded leather fetish masks explore the complicated dynamics of sexuality, gender and power in a consensual and feminist manner. Danger has exhibited their work nationally and internationally in such venues as Latitude 53, Edmonton AB; Urban Shaman, Winnipeg, MB; Warren G Flowers Art Gallery, Montreal; dc3 Projects, Edmonton; Roundhouse, Vancouver, and the New Mexico Museum of Art, Santa Fe. Danger has participated in residencies at the Banff Centre for the Arts and at Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art. Danger currently serves as a board member of the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective (ACC/CCA).

Residency Highlights: Robotics and Interactive Sculpture

Danger is using the residency to develop art that addresses how technology is changing and will change the lifestyles of current and future generations, including conceptions and practices of sex, intimacy, power, and gender. The artwork, Danger writes, “will be ​a three-dimensional lens to a techno-sexual future and ​an examination of futuristic animalistic robotic intimacy.”

“My hope is that people will recognize the imbalances of power within our communities, how the impulse to identify outside of the dominant binary is an act of resilience, and build reconnection with traditional ways on this land to establish current and future stability within our present realities by perpetually challenging the generations of violent and imposed conformity based on centuries of theft.”