Initiative For Indigenous Futures

Imagining Indigenous Solarities: 7th Generation Character Design – After Oil School 2

  • Location: Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal, QC
  • Date: May 24th – 25th, 2019
  • Duration: 2 half-days
  • Instructors: Maize Longboat, Waylon Wilson

Overview: In collaboration with After Oil, an interdisciplinary research partnership interested in exploring the social, cultural and political transitions from fossil fuels to new forms of energy, this 2-day workshop asked Indigenous and non-Indigenous adult participants to imagine and design a future descendant. This second edition of the After Oil School focused on the topic of ‘solarity’, or imagining alternative relationships to energy inspired by the sun, and discussions about the future world that their descendants might look like were created through this lens. While this workshop was being conducted, several other After Oil School workshops on varying topics also generated their ideas about solarity. Interesting moments of cross-pollination occurred during and after the School that will soon result in a publication of consolidated outputs from these workshops.